About me

Antonio Luz, or simply Tito, as his friends call him, was born in Nocelo da Pena, in the Ourense municipality of Sarreaus. A small village in rural Galicia; and two things mark his childhood and everything that will come later: the country itself and music. Great-grandson, grandson and son of emigrants. His maternal grandfather was born in Havana (Cuba), a country that he admires for its ingrained musical tradition.

Eminently self-taught, both in singing and in the instruments that he caresses: flamenco guitar, piano and bagpipes. It is precisely the bagpipes, the first instrument with which it makes contact. Antonio Luz, grows between the passion for traditional Galician music and flamenco. Raised in a family with flamenco roots, he drinks from this inexhaustible well of musical culture, growing up between the soleá, the fandango and the bulería. This unusual mix of styles, permeate his way of interpreting and composing. From his father, Alfredo Álvarez takes the characteristic way of singing and feeling flamenco styles, and from his uncle Sandro, the way of expressing them on the guitar. In Galicia, he combines concerts with flamenco masses, at the same time that he teaches guitar, training various musicians from other disciplines, on flamenco guitar.

In 2019 he released “Entroido”, an innovative single about the Ourense carnival, which mixes Caribbean rhythms with a modern and urban aesthetic. This work will take you to various Galician radio stations and to Luar, a regional television music program.
After his arrival in Madrid, he began to relate to various artists and producers on the music scene, including David Santisteban. It is Santisteban who looks at his compositions and decides to produce what will be his first album, 28 kisses. There are ten songs composed entirely by Antonio Luz, whose recording includes musicians such as Toni Mateos, Jan Ozveren, José Manuel Posadas Popo, Ludovico Vagnone and Oscar Clavel, among others.

From this album, he released the first single “Pícara”, on March 12, 2020, and the second titled “Morena”, on May 29.

In between, and in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic, he composes and records from his home “Ángeles sin Alas”, a song to all the professionals and all the workers who have fought on the front line during this health crisis. Angels without Wings (Life will Return) goes viral quickly, reaching in a short time over half a million views. Artists and personalities echo the song. Miguel Bosé hangs it on all his social networks, thus giving visibility to what already is, one of the hymns of the fight against the pandemic.

Antonio Luz continues working on future and present projects, and in what will be, his first album in Galician, in addition to composing for other artists …